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Welcome to Steve Caresser's corner of the world! I am a 24/7 caregiver for my disabled 1st love. My 2nd love is helping writers become self-published authors. My 2nd love allows me to stay at home and have an income to take care of my 1st love. Come join the large family of over 1000 self-publishers that have used Steve Caresser. Visit ePrintedBooks.

Watching my girl companion sleep has 16 Grand Reviews. Please read reviews and add yours. My site is lonely for your comments! Thank you!

So lovely! So romantic! I love this one! HUGS melanie

Steve this was very sweet and romantic...A wonderful fantasy:) Thanks for sharing! Michelle

Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Renee Emery

Steve, an absolute beautiful tribute to your other half. It was a pleasure reading each and every one of these poems. I certainly look forward to more. Your readings were done very well. I especially liked A Walk On The Beach. Thank you for sharing. Dee Ann

My favorite so far! I always enjoy your words, Steve. Kristie

So sweet :) Magda M. Olchawska

Comparing this work to the first I could see vast differences in the style (which has simplified and improved because of that) and the range of vocal expression (much greater). The subject, sleep, is such a vulnerable time that opening it up in a poem is an act of emotional force. I like the fact that you listen to your wife talk in her sleep. I am also prone to sleep talking and some of the things I say amuse my partner greatly :-) in particular I liked the way the earlier poems were referenced, it really showcased the development. All in all the whole set is an eloquent an expression of love, peace, contentment and fulfillment. Thank you. Helen White

Steve, it is so romantic and passionate:) Thanks for sharing, even better the second time around! Michelle

Watching my girl companion sleep is my FAVORITE!! way to go Steve:) I adored the passion in it. It made me smile all the way through it. Irene

Watching my girl companion sleep is my FAVORITE!! way to go Steve:) I adored the passion in it. It made me smile all the way through it. Irene

Boy you sure gotta thing for your wife!!! Talk about 'True Love'!!! :-D Vonda Norwood

You're too sweet and romantic Steve!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Vonda Norwood

Wow, Steve! As usual you have out done yourself once again. I love the passion in this. You have such a wonderful and romantic way with words! Rebecca

You evidently love your wife tenderly. It shows in your words and writings! Love them all! Thanks for sharing! :) Laura Wright LaRoche

So sweet! Thanks for allowing me to listen to such romantic words! Brianna Lee McKenzie

How honoured I felt watching your girl companion sleep; Of one who is so beautiful Inside her own dreams!.With you laying beside her, laying beside the beautiful comfort that was radiating out of her through your voice!!.. An absolute magnificent piece of writing.. Thankyou x mistybeesxx Mistypoetry x hunny bees x

The Caresser on a good day.

"The Caresser's" attempt on poetry! This really happened one night!

^ A true 3 minute audio poem.
Recored in Steve Caressers' voice.
Titled Watching my girl companion sleep
Recored for all of you listening!

Poem Directory:

Poetry Home Page
Girl Companion of mine! - 5 mins
Isn't it just a book? - 3 1/2 mins
A walk on the beach - 4 1/2 mins
Watching my girl companion sleep - 3 mins
During those Young and Tender Years - 3 mins

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Taking care of my disabled 1st love at times can be a financial strain.

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Thank you so much for your kindness it really shows how much you care about us.

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