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Welcome to Steve Caresser's corner of the world! I am a 24/7 caregiver for my disabled 1st love. My 2nd love is helping writers become self-published authors. My 2nd love allows me to stay at home and have an income to take care of my 1st love. Come join the large family of over 1000 self-publishers that have used Steve Caresser. Visit ePrintedBooks.

A walk on the beach has 19 Grand Reviews. Please read reviews and add yours. My site is lonely for your comments! Thank you!

You have a fine way of making a person feel the poems that you tell!!! So sweet and very visually wonderful to experience!!! Vonda Norwood

I can just visualize the pictures you paint, so easily. I love this one! Such a romantic, fun poem. Kissablysweet1

That was very nice. I liked the tone you set, the visionary background and the music. Nice job!! Irene

your voice very commanding. soma

Let us all be that sand and the waves that feel you.. Let us all be the air that moves you along.. What a beautiful day on the beach.x.. Again you shared the beauty of yourself with the one you love!! That is pure undiluted weakness!! x :-) mistypoetry xx Your truly amazing! Smile xx Mistypoetry xbees x

A sweet romantic visual poem. I really enjoyed it. Ayah

Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed listening to it...great visualization, calming, and beautiful. :) Sue Lyndon

Great work Steve! Thanks again for sharing your work with all of us on twitter. Renee Emery

The background music was a nice touch. This one is more light, and carefree. I truly enjoyed! :) Laura Wright LaRoche

This one made me laugh, I grinned the whole way through. So imaginative! Loved it! It was almost if you were describing one of my own memories!! Cheri

"A Walk On The Beach" Well, this one was fun and so realistic like I was there myself. In this poem I could see everything from, the rocks,water,sand,and even the smell of the Ocean. "Amazing"! I also sensed a inner child, that always seems to pop out. 😃 Tammy Kessner

As always lovely :) Magda M. Olchawska

lovely as always Charity Parkerson

This is my favourite. I liked the fact the background music was quite strong, not some traditional lovey Dovey type of soundtrack. I also appreciated that the music was allowed its own space, this enhanced the power of the poem.this work is by far the best at emotional and vocal expression, when you refer to starfish and crabs I can't quite pin down the emotion expressed but I could definitely feel it! The description of simple pleasures - running on the beach, holding hands, laughing, rolling I'm the sand, tickling, bought a smile to my face and at one point I actually giggled! Curiously this poem is so much more simple in language and style than the others, but that makes it more hard hitting. Helen White

I like the mood of this one. Calming yet still interesting. Nicole Hill

This one was sounds carefree and fun, joy between to lovers! I love this:) Michelle

"A Walk on the Beach" - very well done. Made me lonely for the beaches back home (New Zealand). Soothing voice with a great backdrop - well played Sir, a favourite, without question. Nicole Jackman

Steve that was once again beautiful to listen to, you make it sound that we are walking along the beach with you very very heartfelt thank you Teresa Joseph Franklin

I think you should introduce this track to those who are blind, it will help them to see through this poem and enhance their imagination. Ayah

The Caresser on a good day.
"The Caresser's" attempt on poetry!

^ A tender 4 1/2 minute audio poem.
Recored in Steve Caressers' voice.
Titled A walk on the beach
Recored for all of you listening!
Background music by

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