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Welcome to Steve Caresser's corner of the world! I am a 24/7 caregiver for my disabled 1st love. My 2nd love is helping writers become self-published authors. My 2nd love allows me to stay at home and have an income to take care of my 1st love. Come join the large family of over 1000 self-publishers that have used Steve Caresser. Visit ePrintedBooks.

Isn't it just a book? has 16 Grand Reviews. Please read reviews and add yours. My site is lonely for your comments! Thank you!

Truly enjoyed Isn't it Just a Book...the way you share the poem is so relaxing and mesmerizing. I can't decide which poem I like best! Congrats :) christine warner

I just put your site into my "stream" on Google+ ... Jannet Ridener

Your voice brings them to life for the listener! All your poetry is great! :) Laura Wright LaRoche

Steve once again a beautiful spoken poem you have brought it to life real life, I like the word companion it conjures all manner of good things that are with our partners, love, trust, honesty through our times from beginning to end,marvelled and enthralled it has got me holding on for more and more Teresa Teresa Joseph Franklin

Thanks so much inviting me to stop by. I also love listening to your romantic poem dedicated to your companion. I think that it is very beautiful in the way you are able to express your true feeling of appreciation of her. Bravo! ~LaDonna LMB_poetry

Love the way he appreciates the woman in his life and shows his love. This poem puts you in the place with them. It's visual ability is amazing. Kissablysweet1

Very emotional and unique. Thank you for sharing that with me. Maxine McCoy

No it is never just a book! Thank you for appreciating the fact there can be that connection. Some people simply don't get it! I liked the attempt at the sound of the wind, even if I felt it was a little harsh to truely come off, but it shows a developing confidence and maturity in the voice of the poetry. I liked the description of curves and dimples, it makes your wife come across as a real woman who is loved, not an untouchable object. I am unsure about the use of the word companion, but cannot think of any better terminology. It is certainly much nicer than partner or wife. The poem showcases a primal desire to comfort which to me is more powerful than an overt declaration of love. Helen White

Your poetry is quite moving and very refreshing. Thanks for sharing! LizzieBeth

This one was created ease within me, just sweet and satisfying! I love your voice as you speak your poetry:)Thanks for sharing Michelle

Fine piece, man! Reflecting back on youth, and the love that was the love that remains. Amazing the beuatiful memories we can store up inside ourselves, to hold for moments such as this.Thanks for participating and I just wanted to let you know, I look forward to running your interview soon as well. And p.s., just a quick little spelling thing I noticed: 6th line down, fullness. You presently have it spelled fulness. Other than that great work! Leandro

It's not just the poems, but the way you read them. Definitely worth listening to. I hope more people listen to and discover your work. Jen Paetsch

Sexy Sweet Thing!!! :-D No such thing as "just a book"... :-D Muah!!! Vonda Norwood

Hola Steve, are so very amazing and talented!!! I am so happy 2 see that you are continuing in your poetry and stories.... Congrats on the many *STARS* you truly deserve them mi amigo, well and blessed....mucho abrazars!!! De Ann/Native

Kissing each tear ~ I am melting inside myself.. You watched her cry while walking over before touching her soul with love and truth. A comfort with purity... "Just a book" Is my soul, with each book connecting part of that soul into togethernes. Your truly Incredible.. Comfort could just well be enough x misty bees x mistypoetry x hunny bees

This was a fantastic listen, I love how you brought out all the emotions of her reading that book! It made me curious as to what she was reading.😃

The Caresser on a good day.

"The Caresser's" attempt on poetry!

^ A tender 3 1/2 minute audio poem.
Recored in Steve Caressers' voice.
Titled Isn't it just a book?
Recored for all of you listening!

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Girl Companion of mine! - 5 mins
Isn't it just a book? - 3 1/2 mins
A walk on the beach - 4 1/2 mins
Watching my girl companion sleep - 3 mins
During those Young and Tender Years - 3 mins

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Taking care of my disabled 1st love at times can be a financial strain.

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Thank you so much for your kindness it really shows how much you care about us.

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