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Welcome to Steve Caresser's corner of the world! I am a 24/7 caregiver for my disabled 1st love. My 2nd love is helping writers become self-published authors. My 2nd love allows me to stay at home and have an income to take care of my 1st love. Come join the large family of over 1000 self-publishers that have used Steve Caresser. Visit ePrintedBooks.

The Authors

Steve has five books available today & one coming soon!

Steve Caresser was born in 1955 in Marysville California USA, and was raised in Modesto California USA. He grew up in Riverdale track as the locals there call it. His home was 2 blocks from the Tuolumne River, and Riverdale Island which he renamed Phantom Island, for his comic eBook. He spent most of his time growing up as a boy on Phantom Island.

Please click the links under the books to download a free sample in kindle or ePub and enjoy. It is appreciated if you could give our books a review. Thank you.

Book One

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The Scared Crow
5 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews
Has been edited twice!

A small town detective mystery thriller for young adults. There are more and more eerie things happening on the Cran farm! How long can the love between Steve and Chris Cran keep their family going with all the strange and unexplainable accidents mounting? Detective James is one of the most successful detectives on the force, and he has been assigned the case. A case that continues to elude him;
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Book Two

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Alien Checkmate
3 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews
Has not been edited.

Novella 1: Alien Checkmate
Up and coming series of novella's about the world's next alien invasion. The title implies perhaps it is the last alien invasion. The whole world of mankind is invaded, but the story surrounds the small town of Caresserville with 1000 unsuspecting people.
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Book Three

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What Every Married
Woman Needs

13 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews
This eBook touches on 35 years of authentic experience in a successful marriage. This eBook is a guide to help men achieve a happier marriage. This eBook is growing, not only with knowledge, but with comments and questions from its readers. This eBook is designed and will help any man who applies its contents in their daily lives to have a happier and more successful marriage.
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Book Four

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The Phantom Cow
Has not been edited.

I wrote this book 48 years ago and just found it in my attic and published it because I laughed myself silly when I read it.
The Phantom Cow has rights too! The Hill Hollering Knob officials tend to disagree. The officials want to eat the beef. The Phantom Cow refuses to let the officials sink their teeth into her hind quarters or anywhere else for that matter. The officials are always coming up with new ideas to sink their teeth into her beef, but so far the Phantom Cow has eluded their injustice. Who really is that ..
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Book 5

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Five Gallon Bucket
1 ✰✰✰✰ Review
Has not been edited!

A savoring eBook with rich flavor's

Steve Caresser has 30 years wine making experience. He has decided to share 10 of his favorite Five Gallon Bucket recipes for the purpose of knowing someone else in this world is enjoying savoring the rich flavor's he has developed and enjoyed through the years.
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Book 6

Coming Soon!

Just Wandered into Town
Has not been edited.

Novella 1: The Sunshine Series

This is a series of Novellas about the essence of bravery. About one of the most hideously disfigured man that ever walked the planet earth. Everyone bowed their head to avoid looking at his face when talking to him or when walking by him. It is a story on how shallow humans can be at times. It is a story on how the human spirit somehow survives it all and keeps searching to belong. Follow along as Sunshine "the little girl in the park" experiences the most unusual coming of age and entering into womanhood as she embarks on a long journey to find her identity and find her mothers' murderers.

Book 7

Coming Soon!

The Scared Crow 2

Everyone had finished breakfast. The sky was dark as a thunderstorm passed through the Cran family farm. Lightning was flashing in the dark sky, with pounding thunder that seemed to shake the whole house.

Little Steve, and his life long friend Carl, could barely see granddaddy Jason, until the lightning flashed again; then they saw him sitting and rocking in his favorite rocking chair on their front porch. The sky lit up bright again, and little Steve and Carl were trembling as they asked, "Granddaddy, you've never told us the story about what happened to your mommy and daddy. Could you please tell us the story?"

Book 8

Coming in the future.

Short Chuckles!
Not completed

Winston was our 25 pound Boston Terror. We live in an older mobile home and every winter the mice begin to infiltrate our abode. They begin running in the walls and under the floor and even in the attic!

Winston constantly runs along the walls barking at the mice inside. Then he looks up at the ceiling and barks twice as loud as he runs about the living room looking up.

It was a peaceful night and I was multitasking on twitter sharing my website with everyone when I heard a loud tearing and ripping sound. When I investigated I found Winston had ripped a 6 inch whole in our wall and got that mouse.

Readers please note: If you are going to buy a print copy, please do Steve a favor
and buy from Createspace links below, because he will get a much better royalty.

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Taking care of my disabled 1st love at times can be a financial strain.

The Caresser just wants to say thanks to all who have sent us gifts as they always seem to come when needed.

Thank you so much for your kindness it really shows how much you care about us.

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