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Paul Sinkinson has written 2 action packed emotional and ruthless thrillers set in France

Pauls' 45 - 5 stars are growing & both books are now available in print & ebook

Paul Sinkinson was born, raised and educated in Knaresborough, Yorkshire, in the North of England. His college years were spent studying Printing Management at Leeds.

Over his years in business, he successfully diversified, developed and ran a number of leisure orientated businesses, which included a Marina complex and boat construction company, HGV Road Transport and Light Vehicle recovery operation, Corporate entertainment operations, Motorcycle dealership and road race team. Also a firearms dealership and shooting ranges and latterly a 4wd Defensive Driver Training and Off-Road Adventure company.

In 2003, after selling off most of his operations, he and his wife moved to South West France where they live today. He continues to follow his 4wd training enterprise, which has given him the opportunity to travel and work in the remote areas of North Africa, Turkey, East Africa and New Zealand. His adult children and their families live in the UK.

He has always enjoyed writing, an interest that started with contributing both factual and humorous articles to popular shooting magazines in the UK and later to Driver Training websites.

He enjoys travel, reading and music, playing guitar and folk singing. Being known amongst friends and work colleagues as a raconteur, he was encouraged by them to write a novel. The Frenchman's Daughters is his first. The President's Legionnaire is his second.

Book One

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Book 1:
"The Frenchman's Daughters"

The daughters of a French railway engineer are thrown together with a number of British and French soldiers in the aftermath and turmoil of events that followed the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.

Following an emotional and traumatic escape from the advancing German forces they arrive in England. As a result of their experiences and, the manner that they combated the Nazi regime the three sisters, all civilians, are seconded along with the survivors of their group, into the intelligence section of General De Gualle's newly formed Free French Force. .

After extensive training in England where the younger members start to form the inevitable bonding and love interests, they return to occupied France to undertake a series of missions considered vital for the liberty and honour of France and its Allies. .

Despite living in fear of capture or betrayal, they liberate bullion in transit from the German SS which had been stolen from a prominent Jewish community in Tunisia while it was being transported from Tunis to Bordeaux in France. Later, they are involved with a train robbery to recover millions of francs destined for Germany from the Vichy coffers. .

As the Allied forces land in North Africa they are delegated to delay German troops who are re-occupying Vichy France in an attempt to stop the French Navy based at Toulon from handing their ships to the Allies. .

Part of their brief is to liaise with the resistance loyal to General De Gaulle and to train a number of them into small commando units ready to disrupt any German Forces as they attempt to move north to meet the Allied invasion forces who will inevitably arrive in northern France. .

During their operations, the three sisters take leading rolls in the assassination of the perpetrators of horrific actions of both the Milice forces sending Jewish civilians to the labour and death camps in Germany and also the person considered responsible for the massacre of hundreds of the civilian population of the village of Oradour-su-Glane in the Limousin. .

The story concludes with re-union of the team a number of years after the end of the war.

Book Two

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Book 2:
"The President's Legionnaire"

This fast paced thriller set in 1964 is full of emotion and passion. A young soldier whose father has been killed in a failed attempt to assassinate the French political leader becomes involved in retribution against the perpetrators.

President De Gaulle's outspoken views on the CIA in Europe and the involvement of the USA in south east Asia have made it more likely that he is in imminent danger from the members of an international syndicate of warmongers, drug and arms dealers who are manipulating worldwide events for their mutual gain.

Patrick Turner along with his girlfriend Alice, spearhead a small group of trusted associates against the syndicate leaders in southern France whilst being pursued by agents of the CIA black operations.

Following the outcome of serious action in the French Pyrenees the story concludes with surprising revelations.

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