Jason Sinner
Father, writer, poet, songwriter,
music producer and editor.


Insalubrious™ is a mix of heart and soul and raw energy. I felt every note that plays, so I hope you feel it too. That is the hope of every musician.

You can download the album here for free, which also includes a copy of my book of poetry (A Sinner's Philosophy) for the Kindle and Nook.You can send some money my way if you appreciate my art, but it isn't a requirement to download. If you want to donate to further my music, just use the "buy now" button below.

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To listen to individual songs or to download my poetry book click links below.

01-Follow the White Rabbit
02-Ethereal Plane(For Her)
04-Flawed by Sin
(For Jacqueline)

05-Follow the Leader
07-A Dream Inside the Dream

08-Tidal Wave
09-Fading Fast
10-Veins of Ice
11-Battle of Theseus
A Sinner's Philosophy - ePub
A Sinner's Philosophy - Kindle
A Sinner's Philosophy - PDF

Book One

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Book 1:
"A Sinner's Philosophy"

Jason Sinner is a singer, songwriter, composer who has written and co-written for television and movies. Although best known for his music, he has been getting recognition for his poetry as well. He expresses every emotion in his poetry, and writes from deep inside his soul in a raw, heartfelt manner that will leave you thinking, as well as feeling.

A single father to two daughters, he has traveled from coast to coast, touching people's lives along the way. Although his passion lies in music, he expresses himself through many channels, with a rabid lust for life and adventure. His writing spans darkness and light, but he will always leave you with light.

Music is the outpouring of a soul --Jason Sinner

Book Two

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Book 2:
"Untitled "

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Jason Sinner, Insalubrious, sinner3AM, Father, writer, poet, songwriter, music producer and editor.