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The Author

Danny Jones: author, speaker, writer, stroke ambassador for American stroke Association an advocate for stroke rights

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Book One

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Stroke Hope
Stroke Awareness

The first edition of "Stroke Hope Stroke Awareness" was not edited. This 2nd edition has been edited. How to reduce your chance of having a Stroke. this book is written by me, a stroke survivor of seven years. I was lucky to have had excellent medical insurance and was able to live and receive World class cutting edge post stroke therapy and care at one of the world's finest brain injury hospitals. I spell it out to the reader step by step from my perspective of what works and what in a waste of time, Danny Jones author writer speaker, Charge on!! ....
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Book Two

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Stroke Hope
Stroke Prevention

This book, Stroke Hope Stroke Prevention, which I conceived and began to write over the last seven years from early 2008 through 2014. It is an important part of what I call the ‘Trinity of stroke, Awareness, prevention and recovery᾿. While these three important aspects could not defeat stroke in its deadly tracks. It goes a long way to help prevent one.

It is a proven fact that strokes are 80% preventable, although the causes and triggers for stroke are complex and ever changing....
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Book Three

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Stroke Hope
Stroke Recovery

I suffered a massive stroke in July of 2006. This book took nine years and $3 million to write. I was one of the lucky ones. I was extremely lucky to have had excellent medical insurance through my wife's union; without it I would most likely still reside in a state run facility. Instead, I was able to spend a year and a half, following my stroke, in one of the world's finest brain injury hospitals. I was also able to work with some of the best stroke recovery therapists in the country and to be directly exposed to world class cutting-edge stroke recovery therapies every day....
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Book Four

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Stroke Hope
Guide for Caregivers

Foreword by Jacqueline Piepenhagen - Artist of the Quill

Author Daniel Jones has proven that no matter what life throws at you if you have a positive attitude and the will to find purpose in your life you will move forward to live life to its fullest.

Daniel Jones exceptional drive to overcome the adversities in his life has led him to not only tell his life’s story of the massive stroke he suffered in 2006, but to reach out and spread the word that life is worth living. In this book he focuses on caregiving.

There is no “bling” in this book only the hard core reality of care giving and what it encompasses. Care giving is not for everyone. I believe this book will inform and guide you as to what is needed to be a wonderful care giver.

Daniel has laid out this self-guide from firsthand experience. Here he tells about the ins and outs; the ups and downs that can follow after a diagnosis’s of stroke. He doesn’t stop there. He guides the reader through the rehabilitation process including lifestyle changes that must be met. This book will inspire as well as inform anyone on what to expect and of what is expected of the caregiver on an ongoing bases to avoid burn out.

I have lived the roll of Care Giver for more than 20 years in the institutional setting and in the private sector. If this book had been written years ago, I feel the lives of many caregivers could have been changed in a more positive way for both them and the stroke victim to prevent inevitable burn out that sent many stroke victims to be institutionalized.

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