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Arline Miller is writing
a new 5 star series called
"Reflections of Love".

The 1st book of the series is available with 29 ✰✰✰✰✰ reviews & multiplying.

If you want to hear about a small town girl growing up surrounded by family and friends who always dared to dream, you have described the author of this novel. Arline L Miller grew up in Douglas GA where everyone knew his or her neighbors. Having moved away from her hometown and working in careers, which men mainly managed; she received a look into how the world looks at relationships, careers, and life in general. Using this experience, Arline has inserted her imaginative writing skills into life's realism. She loves family and friends and enjoys escaping into a fictional dimension of writing and creativity. Books that stir the mind's curiosity and provoke a lot of soul-searching intrigue have fascinated Arline Miller. In this, her first novel, she has developed her writing style of a seemingly casual conversation with the reader. As an established blogger, she enjoys thinking and writing out of the box stories. This novel establishes her writing skills in a different genre of fiction.

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Signing Event for A MISTRESS, A WIFE on July 16, 2015 held in Heritage Station Museum, Douglas GA. Great turnout with 80 books signed & sold.

Chamber of Commerce Book signing
on February 17, 2015 for Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still.

Book One

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(Book 1) "A Mistress, A Wife"
Series "Reflections of Love"

29 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews

What more can Dave desire after reaching the top of the world? Is there more than success, family, and wealth? Enter in sultry Rachelle and nothing else compares. Maybe the wife will want to have a word or two in A Mistress and A Wife.

Feeling she had finally found an escape from her past, a young struggling woman is pulled into a web of love only to find a new form of imprisonment. Dare she tread when her heart tells her to run like the wind?

The many twists and turns surround a beautiful seductress who has to learn that love in a gilded cage has rusted hinges when she becomes forced into seclusion by a wife who is determined to stop the lovers. Rachelle sees firsthand how the heart can be shattered into many pieces.

Rachelle is forever linked to Dave and in a passionate interlude; she is oblivious of any danger to her life. She is expected to blindly trust him, but can she? Dave will do everything in his power to save her life. He makes deals with his nemesis, but while saving her, can he save himself?

Nightmares are engulfed with intense passion where taboos become a normal sequence of events. Swirls of moral compasses become obsolete to Rachelle and Dave. Soon, the past catches up with both of them. The mirror of love cracks from revenge of the broken glass hearts of others.

Arline Miller, the author has created for the reader a voyeuristic adventure through the listener Destaina, a young lady who becomes personally intrigued by Rachelle's story. Who is Destaina and why must Rachelle feel compelled to warn her of the dangers lurking? .....

Book Two

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(Book 2) of the series
"Reflections of Love"

9 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews

Synopsis of 2nd book in Reflections of Love Series titled "Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still" by Arline Miller


As Destaina, a bright and talented young woman, walks away from listening to an incredible love story; why does she feel the urge to run into the arms of her married lover? With her future in question does she desperately need to be held and cuddled in an unattainable but tightly woven web of lies and deceit?

She questions the motives of Rachelle who shared her tale of love and loss only to confuse Destaina. Why did Rachelle, who Destaina recently met, care so much about who Destaina loves? There was something mysterious in her tone as Rachelle swept her into her own love triangle. Rachelle was too insistent she listened to her story and advised Destaina to run from the love she had found in Harry? Why would she care?

Questioning every inch of herself, Destaina finds herself searching for the answers she had asked during her life. Why hadn't her mother told her about her father? Who and where is her father and why is he avoiding her? She has so many questions and in her quest to find out, Destaina embarks on a dangerous journey of past lies and deceit.

In the midst of the stormy trek to her past; Destaina might lose the future she wants. Which is more important to her, her lover or her past? Can she live without knowing or will this knowledge destroy all she holds close to her heart?

Destaina will see Rachelle again only to find she is more of a friend than she ever thought possible. How did she not see the truth before when she had it in front of her in the guise of a mistress? Lies are abundant in this tale in Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still by Arline Miller.

Book Three

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(Book 3)
Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss?
series "Reflections of Love"

0 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews

Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss? This suspenseful romance is the destination for a combination of familiar characters blended in a web of danger and mystery. What seems to be the truth is hidden in a melody of love but does the ugly truth surface unexpectedly?

Rachelle's heart made a choice and it might be the hardest one she had made in her life. She could have remained Dave's love prisoner or would it be possible free and love again? It seemed easier to live with her memories of a love made for the romance novel than to risk loving again. Could her heart survive a loss if something happened to the man standing in front of her with love written on his face. As the waves broke, so did the wall of resistance and she fell into Al's arms. Could they stay on the island forever or would the world beckon them back to a harsh reality?

On the other side of the world, Destaina and Andrew were reeling from the discovery of their true heritage. Where do they go from here? Is it Love or Bliss? What if life wants to throw another curve? When they think the lies are behind them, has a trap been set to destroy them and their love?

Life is the phenomenal trickster and Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss? doesn't hold back on tumbling lives to and fro. It is a book worth reading if you like puzzles which encompass love and suspense. Riddles abound; love is challenged; and lives are endangered.

Will love conquer in the end or will bliss fizzle out? You must see for yourself.

Arline Miller, the author, invites you the reader to climb aboard to a gripping romance adventure with Rachelle, Al, Destaina, and Andrew with some unlikely heroes along the way.

Book Four

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(Book 4)
Will be a new project!

0 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews

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