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Copper Book Launch Package - no edit

Copper Book Launch Package - no edit
If you need more or less than our packages offer please contact us for a custom package.  
Copper Book Launch Package 
Complete package $470.00
On the print book side you get.
Click here  to see the list of stores this package will put your book into. Announcing Global Distribution!
Let us help you self-publish so you can retain 100% of your rights & royalties!
Note! You will have to upload these files to Createspace/Amazon/Smashwords.

You send us a Microsoft word document with no images inside.

On the print side we give you the following:

#1: A professional formatted doc and pdf file for you to upload that is guaranteed to pass CreateSpace.

#2: A professional front & back cover in a PDF file guaranteed to pass CreateSpace.

This price doesn’t include docs for nonfiction books or image-heavy projects, or books with a lot of foot and end notes, which usually require more complex formatting. But you can still contact us for a quote on any project, send us the doc and a description of what you want done, and we will give you a job quote. Thank you for your business!

Copper Book Launch Package
On the eBook side you get.

#1: A professional linkable formatted doc guaranteed to pass Smashwords premium catalog.

#2: A professional linkable formatted doc guaranteed to pass Amazon KDP Select.

#3: A professional custom cover image guaranteed to pass Amazon and Smashwords.
 Keep in mind if you go with payments we do not start on your project until we have all payments.

Our Price: $470.00

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