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Copper - Author Promo Page - up to 4 books

Copper - Author Promo Page - up to 4 books
Copper: "Author Promotion Page"
Regular Price on this package is $795.00 
3 Bonuses if you order this marketing plan at $695.00! 
Bonus 1: We will display advertise your book cover (1 year) topside in our viral content Media website  a value of $200.
Bonus 2: We will display advertise your book cover (1 year) on our main high traffic website valued at 100.00 
Bonus 3: Should you order today. We will produce a similar video for you as this one Book Video Presentation! and put it on your "Author Promotion Page" and it can be uploaded to your youtube account so you can send it out in social media.

✰ Copper: 1 to 4 books for only $695.00. 

Designed to come up, at times, on the first page of search engine results, and sometimes above Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and other big names.

Q: Why is our “Author Promo Page” the most dynamic author page you will find?

A: One reason is that no author page in any bookstore could ever compare to our “Author Promo Page!” Why do we say that? Because it will have a link for each book going to iBooks, Sony, Barns and Nobles, Amazon, Smashwords and any other place your book is for sale. So instantly a person can choose the bookstore he/she likes best, and has an account with, and click over and buy. Because of competition between bookstores, your author pages will never have the dynamics our “Author Promo Page” has. 

Q: Why would an author need our promo page? 

A: Because when a reader searches for your type of book in Google, Yahoo or Bing, at times your book will come up on the front page above the big names like Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo etc. So, at times this gives your book an opportunity to be seen before everyone else's book. So if you are tired of never being seen in Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo etc, this is a wonderful opportunity to get your books seen.
Q: What if I only have one book?
A: We get your one book up and start the SEO and then add books as you publish them.  


We help with reviews.

Because we promote your “Author Promo Page” a lot, we will help to get you 10 book reviews on the bottom of your “Author Promo Page” and you should ask all your friends that have read your book, to post a review about it, on your “Author Promo Page” too! This helps to build you up in the search engines too.

The best way we know to get book reviews is to have a free eBook give away. We will host an eBook give away using Smashwords in exchange for a review on your "Author Promo Page". These reviews will be picked up globally. We will do this twice at no extra cost anytime you request it done.


Once your reviews are on your "Author Promo Page"

Note, this is new to our “Author Promo Page”

We launch this every 4 months for one year

Massively blast your “Author Promo Page” to 400Million VIP Tier One Countries USA CA and UK to get sales lead to your “Author Promo Page”

We ensure you will get from 1000 to 5000 real human visits every time we launch it.


Online Print Book Signing Option

We host your print book signing online. You order at wholesale price, 5-10 or however many of your print books you wish to have on hand. You figure out the shipping from your house + book price and make a paypal button from your account and we set this all up on your “Author Promo Page”! This is done twice at no extra cost.


Online eBook Signing Option

This is only for authors who had us format their eBook. If you have a scanner at home, we host your eBook signing online, and we set this all up on your “Author Promo Page”! When a reader orders the signed eBook from your PayPal button on your “Author Promo Page”, they tell you 10 – 15 kind words to write and sign on a piece of paper and you lay this paper under your author picture and do a high resolution scan of it and then send it to us and we put it on the 2nd page of your eBook and then we send it to you, in turn you send it to your reader. This is done once for a period of 30 days at no extra cost.


This is what else we do to promote your Author Page:

We do a full 16 ✰ SEO on your page as follows:


#1: We not only build a professional looking Author page that displays all of your books, but we host it on our site. 

#2: We code your Author page with every keyword from every book on your page to help search engines find it. All of your books will be professionally displayed with links to your buy pages. 

#3: We write a press release all about you as an author and all about your books. 

#4: We submit your press release to at least 60 high traffic press release distribution centers. 

#5: We write blog comments with a link to your "Author Promotion Page" and submit them to as many as 40 thousand blogs. 

#6: We build 60000 contextual Wikilinks from 13000 posts with 4 links in each post that is a total of 60000 links to your page. 

#7: We tweet your author page on Twitter 1 to 5 times per day for one year 


Yet another submission

#8: Write Top Quality Article upto 80% uniqueness

#9: Spin Article to Make Every Submission Unique

#10: Submit into 2,999 High PR Authorities

#11: Get all live links up to 46,999

#12: 40,000 Blog Comment Iinks as Tair Two if you ask

#13: PR Range between PR8 to PR3 etc

#14: PING all the LlNKs

#15: Full report !!! 

#16: 60-80% unique spin


Yet another submission

I will send 5000 Google requests for your website

I am going to ask real users with unique IPs to type a keyword which we will have chosen on Google, and to click only the search result where your web site appears.

If you want to make your GoogIe strategy fast & effective, this promotion is your right choice! We offer you the most powerful SEO servi- article submission! We will write, spin (60-80% unique) and submit your articIe to more than 7400 PAGES!

ArticIe submission Iinks build your brand's credibility in the market and ensures high quality and targeted traffic to your website. Besides, this SEO service gives an incredible boost to your rankings!

It takes 1 to 2 weeks to get the page up on the net, and 3 months for all the PR and blog comments to resolve and really benefit the page in the search engines. 

Yet another submission 
New to this package: We will submit all Author Promo Page links once a month in a group submission to help keep it built up. 

If your books are up on Amazon or Smashwords and you give us permission, we will get all your images from their sites. If your books are not up on Amazon or Smashwords, you will need to supply us with all book cover images, book descriptions, and an author picture, along with a short "about the author".  
Our Price: $695.00

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