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Welcome to Steve Caresser's corner of the world! I am a 24/7 caregiver for my disabled 1st love. My 2nd love is helping writers become self-published authors. My 2nd love allows me to stay at home and have an income to take care of my 1st love. Come join the large family of over 1000 self-publishers that have used Steve Caresser. Visit ePrintedBooks.

"Girl Companion of Mine" has 107 Grand Reviews. Please read reviews and add yours. My site is lonely for your comments! Thank you!

Oh my gosh, you are adorable. I hope that your companion appreciates you! That's a lovely tribute to her. Laura

Keep writing beautiful poetry, Steve. Maureen

Thanks for sharing! The sentiment is lovely, just like your lady's picture! Cheers! Lada Ray

What sweet sentiments! LindaZukowski

What a lovely poem, beautifully written :) Grate job Steve. Keep writing poems :) Magda M. Olchawska

Very wise words Steve! Charity

Beautiful, your poetry is sublime, I hope you girl appreciates you :) Dawn Torrens

Lovely! Did you write it? That's a sweet tribute to your girl companion. Barbara Phinney

I really enjoyed you're poem. It's double the pleasure being dedicated to the woman in you're life! Very nice:) Irene

That's a lovely poem, Steve. May your romantic sentiments continue for many years to come! Junying

I agree with, Laura. A very lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing, Steve, and keep writing! Elise

Beautiful. I am honored that you shared that with me. I am forever grateful;) nicola mitchell

This is both very emotional and very masculine. It's very heartfelt and powerful, with beautiful imagery. Well done. J.A. Cummings

Steve, your wife is a blessed woman to have such a gifted man in her life who recognizes her beauty within as well as her natural beauty. BEAUTIFUL writing from such a talented writer. May 2012 bring you and yours a deeper, more richer love. God Bless you both. Renee Emery

That was wonderful, passionate and loving. Your way with words is truly something that helps move a person's soul. Thank you for sharing! Rebecca Nolan

What Beautiful Terms of Endearment to your Beautiful Companion. I felt whisked away to a warm grassy knoll on a Summer's Eve. Thanks for sharing! Crystal Michaels

I loved your 'best friend' poem so much, but I think this is my new favorite. If my husband made such a tribute to me, I'd be crying, laughing and smothering him with kisses too. Just beautiful :D. Well done! Collette Scott

That was a wonderful poem. :o) Great work. Mandi

Very lovely and passionate! Sounds Classic... Tammy Lang

Wow Steve, sonrisa....I am in awe of your love for your wife and the talent you displayed, sonrisa....Mucho muy bien mi amigo..... De Ann/Native

I thoroughly enjoyed it!Words every woman would love to hear!Thank you so much for sharing this lovely poem:) x Ananda

HI Steve! It took me and my lacking computer skills awhile to get here, but it was worth it. Loved your poem :) Thank you for sharing something so beautiful! Happy New Year! christine warner

A true romantic! Thank you for sharing this with us! Great work, obviously deeply felt! Cheers to you both for the New Year! - :) Keera McKinney

Could you be any more romantic and sweet? Lovely poem. No wonder your gal is hanging on you in your twit pic:-) Thanks for sharing with me, Steve. It reminded me how important it is to slow down and enjoy those around us. xo, Melissa

Hey Steve Your Girl Companion reminds me of how love use to be expressed. Thanks for sharing your passion for your beautiful girl! Lisa

Hi Steve, knock 'em dead! Lynn Hubbard

This was so romantic and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this poem. Your girl companion is one lucky lady! Sue Lyndon

Very nice soothing voice! Lovely poem. Best wishes to you & your gal in 2012! Jan Romes

I greatly appreciate giving me the link to this magnificent website. I adore poems, stories, auto tracks, and many more. Melissa Scholes

Thanks for making me smile, Steve. You really are a true romantic. There's such tenderness in your tone, and I liked the reference of watching the mare lead the herd. I think many men would benefit from some 'romance' tuition from you. M.J. (Jane) Fahy

Thank you for sharing your poem. You shared the beauty of your heart so eloquently. Lovely. Amber Housey

Sweet, tender, full of love! It's nice to know a man to speak his heart to a woman so eloquently. Thank you Steve for sharing your wonderful poetry. I hope you continue to be inspired! Joanna Lee Doster

Lovely poem!! It is amazing how much love you can feel by listening to your words. Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem. Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Very good!! Really like them!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with everyone! Jessica

I really appreciate you sharing this, Steve, and introducing me into this new media. Audio romantic poetry--what a great concept! I really enjoyed this and think the message is wonderful. Raine

Such beautiful, heartfelt words... truly wonderful and inspiring. It is a much needed breath of fresh air to hear the timeless refrains of romantic poetry as an expression of love for another. Keep sharing your poems with the world! G.E. Johnson

Very nice. Loving, sensitive, and sincere poem. Wish my hubby had written it for me. :) MaryAnn

I'm not accustomed to 'listening' to poetry - as I listened I visualized the words. Beautiful sentiment. Your 'girl companion' is quite fortunate... Sheila

Beautiful poetry! Very inspirational! Godf has blessed you with a wonderful gift April

The "Caresser", is a unique form of expression. It's very interesting to me. Sweet words, delivered in a very specific manner... I think this is specifically unique. Special talent!!! Thank you for sharing. :-) Vonda Norwood

What sweet words. Your wife's a lucky gal if you wrote those for her! jcallenbooks (Shirley)

Loved the poems Steve. You really do know how to love, man. ;) Kshaigwood

This is the first time I have listened to poetry! Keep it up :) Sonya

Steve, this is a beautiful ode to your girl companion! In my mind's eye, this poem also celebrates the harmony of every woman's beauty, strength and tenderness, with their natural habitat! Untainted love, so pure! Great job Steve! Sarah Ako Myers

Beautiful sentiment. I like it very much. LizzieBeth

I like how you sighted her beauty during mundane tasks and then compared it with the majestic horse imagery. Nice. Kellianne

Beautiful!!! <3<3<3<3 Poetry Travis

It's very sweet, Steve - your 'girl companion' should feel blessed to have a guy who adores her so much. Gae-Lynn

OH my Goodness! It was so very lovely! Your wife is truly a very much loved woman! Every girl's dream:) Thank-you for sharing:) Michelle

What lovely and tender sentiment. It is truly a gift to be able to express such beauty! Patricia Paris

Congratulations you have great talent thanks for sharing Tayana Yngrid

Beautiful words! Very touching and endearing. You have great talent to share with the world! Laura Wright LaRoche

This is a beautiful piece. The words are more than poetical, they hold in them the love a man feels for his companion, which can rarely be expressed. Here they are, and in a way that tugs at your heart and has you wishing you were the woman they were written for. Talent has many measures but the true depth of it comes out here as all the elements of the world around are drawn upon to provide comparrisons to the deep feeling felt for a soul mate. I am inspired to try to do something for the love of my life. I work with words, so hope I can come up with the emotional depth to do my love for my companion, justice. To write anything is an achievement, to write as this peice has been is to achieve your dreams. Thank you for sharing. 5* Mary Wood

Enjoying these! Kristina Jackson

Lovely poem. Sabrina Aries

Thank you for sharing your link!! This was awesome! Melly

Moments of when chopping wood, and the compassion true love that pours through two couples, It's such an eye opener. Every women would want a man to write poems about them, for it is such a magnificent way to complement the spouse. Melissa Scholes

Intimate with a focus on the details of a couple's everyday lives.there are some good contrasts of places and activities and some good uses of metaphor. Some of the imagery is 'romance novel' type, but again some of the word usage is evocative and primal, powerful and strong. There are some vulnerable moments in this poem treated with sensitivity and pervading the whole piece a sense of very deep live. Helen White

This was awesome! soma

Soothing, erotic, dominating, gentle, relaxing...... Jade Pastor

Thank you for sharing your link :) marie fostino

Lovely, sentimental, exciting - right up LovesDreams alley. The echo of a loving and special relationship Loves Dreams

wow Steve! That are wonderful poems! :o) you have a wonderful talent there! :o) Best wishes, Tanja Tanja Segal

Steve, how lucky your Wife is to have a poem like that written and recited like that. She is very lucky! Sherri

Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. You can tell it was written from a deep passion and love. Very blessed woman and very blessed man. Crystal Marcos

Hey, Bet you thought I forgot about cha! Busy but did not forget, I am having difficulty viewing anything, the link is broken for the Quicktime player. Just a bit of small but good advice if you get a YouTube account which is free you will have a universal browser for all your work and your visitors will not have to download any extra apps. on thier computer. I know its time consuming but take your time and do it then do an opening launch of your YouTube channel. You already have one bonifide subscriber (*_*)

When I first heard these words that Steve so lovely shared with us, I thought, every woman in the world would love to have a man like this in their lives. A man that displays such emotions through his words has got to be a very loving and kind man. I speak with Steve on Twitter daily and with every work he expresses that deep emotion. She is a lucky woman! Sherri

I have no AUDIO! Dang it, I'm saving up for new speakers, then I will be back, Steve. Your titles and the comments here have convinced me to return. Take good care, Laurel Laurel Rogers

At last, smoenoe who knows where to find the beef Gabrielle

Steve it is beautiful, I think every woman wants a man to write a poem just for her, I know I do. Thank you for sharing this not only with me but with the others who feel the same as I do:) Jacqueline

"Girl Companion of Mine" is a unique poem written from the heart. Steve expresses love and appreciation for his significant other. If more men were able to voice their feelings for their wives and girlfriends, there would be more happy women in the world and more long-lasting relationships. Jessica

Loved this, I had the imagery of everything! Such a thoughtful poem. Lovley. cheri

I like the sound of the words and the leitmotiv "you are beautiful" that marks the whole poem.The phrase "conversations we share" struck me, because the idea of Beauty is linked to the logos, the "word" as an instrument whose power is building the bond between the two lovers. Wonderful poem! Clelia

You're awesome voice certainly does hold the attention of the listener! Lovely sentiment~ Susan Ricci

Thanks for much for sharing your beautiful voice. Rogenna

Awww That was SO sweet. Makes me think of how I feel about my husband! Christie A.C. Gucker

So Sweet. This poem reminds me of everything I feel about my husband! Just such a real sentiment. So hearfelt! Christie A.C. Gucker

You sound just like a sexy Fixit Felix Jr! I loved it! I wish you great success. Keep it up! Jen Paetsch

Those soothing tones hit me deep within!! Creating goose pimples all over! I could listen to you over and over again with such ease.. Spoke with such compassion. Deeply touching!! Thankyou xx misty..x

Steve--It was interesting for me to experience your poem by hearing it. Very special sentiments. I really enjoyed the way you pronounced the word "Look..." It almost seems like you're making it a 2-syllable word, and I think that creates a special effect within the telling of the story of your lives. Vera P

Thank you so much, Steve, for tweeting us this link! What a beautiful poem you wrote and it's truly special that you recorded the audio with your own voice! The words are absolutely lovely and I'm sure the lucky girl adores it! Rory James

Though some poems are slightly more difficult to interpret than others, the work from Steve isn't hard at all. The verse is impeccable. He weaved a group of emotions and joined them perfectly with the everyday and the past. Transmitting his most cherished memories to the listeners. And I must confessed, I cried. Claudia

I was in love with you both .. I was among you, sharing and feeling the way you touch each others soul! Was i intruding; please let me. Your feelings are beautifully stunning and you shared that with us all.. X thankyou x mistyxx hunny bees x

Loved it!!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Shashana Page

You are the most beautiful speaker, with such eloquent ways that go beyond a mind!! I am lost inside you..Please do not pull me out x Your writings are more than a soul in love.. x mistybeesxx Streetpoetry x misty bee xx

Oh Wow Steve this is so beautifully voiced poem how I would love to be that Companion girl Thank you for the invitation to visit and make this wonderful comment too Take care and my best regards and wishes always Teresa Joseph Franklin

Truly enjoyed "Girl Companion of Mine" thank you so very much for sharing such sweet poetry with the world! mariedaire

Wow Steve, that is absolutely lovely! Your wife is one lucky woman! *shivers* Lady Blade Lady Blade

Your poem is lovely Steve, and such a beautiful tribute. Enjoyed listening to it very much! Clara B. Ray

Flowing and beautiful! A true emotional connection. Thank you! Anne-Lize

Truly from the heart. Steve's lady is obviously a piece of every part of his world; she is his muse. Wonderful that his words could paint such a clear picture of his feelings :)

Girl Companion of Mine is a beautiful expression of love. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work, Steve. Brenda Sparks

Such love and appreciation is hard to come by these days and to express and celebrate that love is tremendous. This poem really made you feel the love and connection between this man and his love. Well written and well read #MustHear Lisa

Very thoughtful poem, written by a man who obviously loves his girl. A tender love story, thanks for sharing it.

Aww, so sweet - Girl Companion of Mine - a very nice, short and enjoyable listen, and a lucky lady is your Girl Companion to inspire you so, Steve :) Lelani Black

What a tribute! Took your time to caress her with words. Lovely. Claudia

Thank you Steve, for the support in the literary world. You are awesome. Patricia

Love it of course. You used some strong devices such as Repetition * You are beautiful companion,you are beautiful* just like Martin Luther King in I Have a dream. Ayah

From the Living Rivers of no strings attached, love beautifully expressed from a man's heart. One feels the love, joy and happiness bubble up just to touch another heart. You are an amazing man my friend, loving kindness in all things. Abundance is your portion, for you already sharing with us selfless love. Miriam

mmm... tres interesant.. Johnnytug

This is my first experience of an audio poem. There's definitely a stronger sense of intimacy in the words when you hear them, rather than reading them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with us. Kelly G

Lovely! I always love hearing about the genuine love between two people Katrina

I so enjoyed listening to the emotional and heart-felt words spoken by Steve Carrassers in his audio poem, "Girl Companion of Mine." What a beautiful and passionate tribute to the love of his life. There isn't a woman on the planet who doesn't want to hear these words from her beloved! Keep up the good work Steve! Danica Cornell

Whoa! Your voice went perfect with the words. It's so very lovely! I loved it! Madeline Courtney

I LOVE the words to this poem. It's beautiful! Lannie

Such a wonderful composition, Steve. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. You bring to the mind's eye the shared bond between two people, not only in the romantic moments, when love is overtaken with splendor but, also in the most simple of times as when "hanging clothes on the line". These times hold great beauty as well and I like how you captured their significance in the worth of a deep and abiding relationship. This is a truly beautiful tribute to your Girl Companion. Carla Dawn Dunlap

The Caresser on a good day.

"The Caresser" first attempt on poetry!

^ A tender 5 minute audio poem.
Recored in Steve Caressers' voice.
Titled Girl Companion of mine!
Recored for all of you listening!

Poem Directory:
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Girl Companion of mine! - 5 mins
Isn't it just a book? - 3 1/2 mins
A walk on the beach - 4 1/2 mins
Watching my girl companion sleep - 3 mins
During those Young and Tender Years - 3 mins

Plz leave "The Caresser" an easy no log in comment below :)

... Listen to a 5 minute audio poem titled Girl Companion of mine by Steve Caresser dedicated to the girl he loves

Taking care of my disabled 1st love at times can be a financial strain.

The Caresser just wants to say thanks to all who have sent us gifts as they always seem to come when needed.

Thank you so much for your kindness it really shows how much you care about us.

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