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Richard Adamski
a new writer making his dreams come true with his first novel, Three Trees!

About the author, Richard Adamski

At the time of publication of Three Trees the author was aged 62. Many years ago he was addicted to a Class A drug (amphetamine) and smoked cannabis. It was his involvement with drugs and mixing with other drug users is the reason he wrote Three Trees.

Book One

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Book 1:
"Three Trees"

The story begins with woodland creatures going to Three Trees, three mighty oak trees that are situated in the centre of a cornfield. The Nobles (the wisest woodland creatures) inform everyone that Ron and Reg Crow twins and the Raven gang have returned to the area. Three seasons ago the Crow twins distributed bark tablets in the woodland. Now the Crow twins plan to take the sap from Three Trees to make the most addictive bark tablet ever.

Three Trees is an enchanting fantasy adventure which paradoxically carries darker themes and undertones. Its setting and characters will appeal to any age group of reader - however its allusion to drugs: bark tablets (ecstasy), the weed (cannabis) and organized crime may limit readership to teens and adults.

The plot may be used as a warning against involvement of drugs, with its anti-drug theme that runs throughout the story, or even a satirical commentary on the influence of gangs and organized crime on many youth of today. Whatever messages one may or may not perceive the story remains a fun and involving adventure with a wealth of unique and likeable characters.

Book Two

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Book 2:

A spacecraft entered this universe by a black hole created by the gravitational collapse of a planet, with contraction of dark energy, deforming space time. The black hole was situated at the edge of the Milky Way and the craft shot through it at an incredible speed into the gulf of space.

On earth no one was aware of the craft's existence at all, not even astronomical scientists who perpetually scan the heavens looking for new things to see. The craft's technology was far superior to that of anything on earth. On earth science had glimpsed the quantum world .001%. The occupants of the spacecraft had entered the quantum world 100%. They possessed intellects vast and cool and they regarded the planet earth with eager eyes and quickly, and surely, drew their plans for an invasion.

Paul Riley stepped out of the bath and proceeded to dry himself with a towel. He stopped movement and looked at himself in a circular hover mirror then thought to himself. But something's not right and he wondered about that. He put on his best linoleum clothes and they fitted perfectly to his body giving maximum comfort to the contour of his form. He slipped on his antique Rolex wrist watch, the time showing it was 6.45pm. At 7.12pm he was setting off for Lincoln. His eyes were on the lit up road before him but his thoughts were centered on Helen Mann, her attractiveness and appeal, and who he was having a secret love affair with. Tonight he felt different towards her and he knew why.

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The Whole World News
26 Apr 2017, 18:36
The Whole World News, has only 3 words for "Three Trees" by Richard Adamski. It's Downright Enchanting!
Steve Caresser
01 May 2017, 16:29
I absolutely loved this book I just couldn't put it down. Richard did a great job, a good story well told, I would thoroughly recommend this book, a very enchanting story line I must confess. As a debut novel it can't be faulted and I cannot wait for the next book in this series, I will definitely be at the front of the line when it comes out, says Steve Caresser
Severyn Adams
24 Jul 2017, 06:32
I thoroughly enjoyed the novel that is a Wind In The Willows type of story. It's an enchanting story with a wealth of interesting characters and a terrific story line. Highly recommended. The anti drug message, in the story, is put across in a way that is not forceful for the reader. The whole concept of the book and the way the story is presented makes it a definite one-off and a delight to read.
David Childs
01 Nov 2017, 20:37
I liked the idea of the woodland creatures acting as humans do in the environment they live in. I like the idea of basing the characters on real life people such as Ron and Reg Crow(the Kray twins) and others such as Al and Capone Jackdaws. What a terrific story with a lovely ending. I would recommend this book to anyone of all age groups. It would make a terrific film. Pixar studios take note. A highly recommended read.

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