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Paul James
is a Canadian writer making
his dreams come true!
Paul James's debut novel of comedy along with everyday life will keep you in suspense while laughing! Paul's novel is now available in print & ebook!
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The Whole World News has interviewed Paul James about his novel "Diary of a Canadian Nobody" Please click over and give a listen.
The Whole World News Interview

About the author, Paul James

Paul James grew tired of waiting for a literary agent or publisher to snap up his masterpiece so he began posting excerpts on social media and, when the reaction to those snippets was good, he published it himself (well, with a little help from his friends). He hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it.

Despite years of schooling and work in middle management, Paul can still see the funnier side of life. As well, living in central Canada with his wife and with the experience of raising two now grown-up and moved-out kids, he feels he can see both sides of any question - so much so that sometimes he can't tell one side from the other.

When Paul isn't writing, he can be found reading, traveling, or outdoors with a camera looking to capture amazing images of landscapes and wildlife.

Book One

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Book 1:
"Diary of a Canadian Nobody"

Arthur Lakelady has many worries. Alys, his wife, is infatuated with the home renovator re-modelling the kitchen, or so their teenage daughter Gwen says. How Gwen knows this is a mystery to Arthur for she never leaves her bedroom, except to go to school and work. Gwen's worried a family breakup will spoil her chances of a good university. That doesn't concern Arthur for Gwen passes all her tests, often with more than 100%. That does worry Arthur; schools, he feels, should understand the meaning of percentage. While Gwen's university career may be assured, Arthur is worried his son Lance may not even graduate from junior school, unless Lance forsakes hockey and soccer soon.

Neither child's university career may happen because Arthur's biggest worry lies at work where his previously pleasant Canadian employer has just been taken over by Americans and they've replaced the local executives in order to introduce new ways. Arthur can see the new executives don't think he'll ever be new again. One particular new way that is worrying Arthur is IT and the Internet, which has become ubiquitous in 2001 and an ill-prepared Arthur is somehow supposed to lead his troops through this minefield. Arthur hires a young temp, Lydia, to help him but she only adds to his worry. He worries about her wish to be closer to him, which isn't allowed in the new ways, and he worries she is just drifting through life without proper direction, which isn't a good thing in Arthur's old ways.

All these immediate, personal worries aren't helped by a truly serious one. A modern 'Mad Mahdi' has just killed thousands of Americans at the World Trade Center and Canada has agreed to join America and Britain in invading Afghanistan. Arthur's sees that the world needs someone who can clear the confusion, make the complex simple and package it into manageable pieces -- it needs a diarist. Arthur maybe a nobody right now but in centuries to come he feels he could be considered the 'Samuel Pepys of the 21st Century'.

Book Two

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Book 2:
"A Modern Morality Tale"

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31 Jan 2017, 22:00

I Give This Book 5 Stars:

For making me laugh

For the romance

For the mystery

For sharing everyday feelings

For entertaining me

For the suspense
Danny Jones
10 Feb 2017, 15:21
I give 5 stars to “The Diary of a Canadian Nobody”

The Diary of a Canadian Nobody is a noteworthy work of modern literature. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this exceptional book is easy to read and recommend for most ages.

I would have never have dreamed that being an implicit voyeur to another man's everyday existence could be so enthralling.

I started this amazing book yesterday afternoon around 5:00p.m and finished it this morning at 6:00a.m. what a ride!! The subject matter and the flow of the story line are capricious and ever-changing in a comfortable mercurial way.

I found the Lakelady's family dynamics surprisingly similar to my own, though my children are grown and my wife and Ii have both sowed our prospective oats.

The protagonist, Arthur Lakelady in Paul James excellent comedy/satire is believable and is doomed to trials and consternation's.

I relate all too well what it’s like to watch the flower of youth fade to grey. If you give a middle aged guy too much money, time or power he will get into travail every time. I had my own version of Arthur's Lydia after I hit it big in the real estate game.

In closing I would like to congratulate Mr. James on this singular work and moreover thank him for a job well done. I highly recommend this entertaining, uplifting read by Paul James
Randy Williams
27 Mar 2017, 22:34
This is an extremely well-written book that is sure to entertain and Paul James will certainly go far. I give it Five Stars and Two Thumbs-up!

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