Gene Thomas is a ✰✰✰✰✰ fiction author
with a wonderful taste in variety.
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Gene has six books & 4 have
✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews
& one is coming soon!

Gene Thomas has had several major careers. His first career was in air traffic control. Another was a Defense Contractor during the Reagan era. After a career in Education and extensive travels to different countries, Gene now devotes the majority of his time to pursuing his first love, writing. You will find that Gene’s writing style has always been characterized an easy read. His books in print (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) “Tales from the Tree House, 2010”, “Tree House to Palm Trees, 2011” mark the start of a prolific writing career that includes a collection of short stories, poems and novels already posted on sites like . “Rock Hands” – a Depression Era saga reminiscent of John Steinbeck will be coming out later this year. The rights to that book are currently under contract with Quattro Media Publications. Gene has finished six 26 mile marathons and thousands of shorter races and still maintains an active exercise routine that includes walking no less than four miles a day. Gene currently lives in Belize, Central America, but was born in Brooklyn New York.

Book One

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Book 1 of the series:
The Olive Tree series

Sitting on the Branch of an Olive Tree
1 ✰✰✰✰✰ Review
Gene Thomas has created an epic story of rising from humble beginnings to achieving the dreams that with proper actions and hard work can be accomplished. A tale of working class merged with high society and the secrets that are held in both. With mystery, intrigue, and at times seduction, the reader takes a journey through the lives of characters that touch the part of the spirit where the realness in all resides. The story shows that despite what people think at times, we are all the same deep down inside. Read More

Book Two

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Book 2 of the series:
The Olive Tree series

War under the Olive Trees It had been nearly twenty-five years since Payton and Angelina Marko were married. Two of their three sons and the sons of other villagers had marched off to War on “the Continent”, leaving behind many panting young females eager to marry and start families – much as their own mothers had done.

Quill Barbaros’ troubled family legacy would catch up with him almost as soon as he and his three comrades returned from the War and tried to settle back into the lives they had left behind.
Read More

Book Three

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Here’s an excerpt from:
The Nechi®
1 ✰✰✰✰✰ Review
the latest novel by Gene Thomas.

You will never call anyone “four eyes” again.

How it All Started

In the war between us and the Nechi dating back to the last century and for most of my family’s life times, we were getting our asses kicked.

The Nechi were a savage race.... Read More

Book Four

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Just a Six Pack – Really is a collection of short stories that take snapshots of the human condition in six different venues. Life and death, hardship and happiness make each story unique, but all touch on the same examination of what it takes to survive in the world they inhabit. Read More

Readers please note: If you are going to buy a print copy, please do Gene a favor and buy from Createspace links below, because he will get a much better royalty.

Book One

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Tales from the Tree House
4 ✰✰✰✰✰ Reviews
Is a collection of short stories about young boys childhood days in the early sixties. New York back then was not all steel and glass. There were trees and woods and even – swamps and tree houses. Boys got into more trouble than their parents ever knew about, but then it was minor stuff easily forgotten when everyone went in for the night.

But there are also family stories of heroes and old men long forgotten by anyone outside of the family, remembered here…in the Tales from the Tree House. Read More

Book six

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Tree House to Palm Trees
follows the migration of the one family from New York to California in the early sixties as seen through the eyes of a teenager.

As he grows up, the oldest son in the family has to figure things out just the way any teenager would – by trial and error. The trials and errors are what make this collection of short stories entertaining and thought provoking. Read More

Book Seven Coming

Book Eight Coming



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